National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI)

A nationwide investigators' association of primarily personal injury investigators that has been around for close to 50 years.


Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators (PALI)

A PA group that offers a wide variety of services to attorneys, private citizens and the business community.


Mitchell H. Dugan, Esquire

Dugan and Associates P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA

Workers' Compensation. Personal Injury. Social Security Disability.


Dale P. Frayer, Esquire

Frayer Law Offices

Pittsburgh, PA

Estate and Trust Administration. Estate and Disability Planning


Craig E. Frischman, Esquire

Raizman, Frischman, Matzus and Rizza, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA

Personal Injury. Medical Malpractice


Christine Gale, Esquire

Frederick N. Frank, Esquire

Frank, Gale, Bails, Murcko and Pocrass, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA

Family Law, Custody, Support, Estate Planning


Charles A. Lamberton, Esquire

The Lamberton Law Firm, LLC

Pittsburgh, PA

Employment Law. Employment Discrimination. Mediation Services.


Richard H. Lindner, Esquire

Lindner Law Offices

Pittsburgh, PA

Attorney Disciplinary Matters and Personal Injury


Colleen Ramage Johnston, Esquire

Rothman Gordon, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA

Employment / Labor Law, Business, Corporate, Estates, Trusts and Taxation, Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability Litigation.


Peter N. Georgiades, Esquire

Greystone Legal Associates, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA

Civil and employment litigation. Commercial torts. Eminent domain and land use. Assistance to out-of-state counsel with significant cases pending in state and federal courts in Western Pennsylvania.