For Estate Law Attorneys

Identifying and locating the Heirs to the Estate

Utilizing our investigative techniques and databases, along with our professional contacts in the USA and overseas, we can effectively identify and locate the potential Heirs to the Estate. We can handle the initial contact with the potential Heir or refer this contact to your office contingent upon your instructions. 


Non compos mentis

We will investigate the competency of the testator by interviews with family, friends and others along with gathering the appropriate records to document your file. 


Locating assets

Using our investigative databases and other professional sources of information we can locate real property, vehicles and financial accounts on a nationwide basis. All of our bank account, brokerage house and securities searches are fully compliant with the provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB), aka the Financial Services Act of 1999 and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). We can also search for financial accounts held off shore and internationally. Our vehicle searches are conducted in compliance with the Federal Drivers Information Privacy Act (DPPA).


Service of Process - this can be an emotionally charged issue with some recipients becoming quite angry as these are usually hotly contested family affairs. We always endeavor to politely but firmly explain why the service is being conducted while not being drawn into responding to the occasional verbal insult or accusation. We also maintain detailed notes and, on occasion, video (but not audio in PA) of our service of process activity in anticipation of the person being served later claiming that the service was not legally performed.


A note on personal ethics and simple common sense

Lastly - we do not adhere to the motto of "The ends justify the means" in our work as it is usually the attorney or litigant who is left holding the bag when things go south. As a former law firm investigative supervisor of over a dozen independent private investigators, I speak from long and painful experience. I have dealt with the harm caused by another investigators foolish behavior and I understand all too well the consequences for counsel when this occurs. It is our function to help you - not damage your case and your hard earned reputation. We don't play games with your livelihood (or ours).