"Thank you for the honor of writing a letter of reference for you. I hate to admit that I am your "oldest client." You were the first private investigator I retained. I was working on one of my biggest cases. Over the past thirty years you have served process, performed investigations and surveillance for me in multiple cases involving catastrophic personal injuries, products liability and medical malpractice. No case was ever too large. You always did a great job.


"I am now in Best Lawyers in Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania and in America and in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Your excellent work helped make this possible.


"The difficult you do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer. But, you always complete your assignment with the utmost integrity, diligence and timely manner. I give you my unqualified recommendation".

                              Henry (Hank) H. Wallace, Esquire

                              Pittsburgh, PA


" Mr. Gusdonevich is an excellent resource for investigative work, surveillance work and service (of process) issues. Mr. Gusdonevich has successfully served legal papers on third parties, even when such persons are being very evasive and trying not to be served. He is polite, attentive, diligent, and above all, successful. Mr. Gusdonevich has also been excellent in assisting in investigating assets and income and is invaluable. He is effective in conducting surveillance of all sorts, even when such work involves lengthy surveillance commitments. He has been of great service to me and to my firm for a number of years and I am thrilled to know him and be able to rely on his expertise."

Christine Gale, Esquire

Frank, Gale, Bails, Murcko & Pocrass, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA


"On various occasions I have employed John Gusdonevich, Jr., to provide investigative services in the context of my representation of clients. The areas in which I have utilized his services have primarily related to attorney discipline and personal injury cases. John has done an excellent job for me in each instance. He is insightful, thorough and prompt. He is also sensitive to and abides by confidentiality principles. I highly recommend John and his investigative services." 

Richard H. Lindner, Esquire

Lindner Law Offices

Bethel Park, PA


"I am writing this letter to wholeheartedly recommend John Gusdonevich for investigative work.


"Over the last eight plus years, John has been extremely beneficial to our practice. He has conducted numerous sight investigations, tracked down witnesses and/or Defendants who were difficult to locate and obtained comprehensive witness statements. John's services have proved to be invaluable to the success of our firm. Moreover, John has universally performed every task that we have assigned to him in a timely and cost effective manner.


"If you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of John's work for our firm in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact me."

Craig E. Frischman, Esquire

Raizman Frischman,Matzus & Rizza PC

Pittsburgh, PA


"Please accept this letter of reference on behalf of John Gusdonevich. I have used John as my investigator for over ten years. He has conducted a large volume of investigations for my office in addition to acting as my representative in meeting with prospective clients. I find his work to be excellent and his hourly rate is reasonable. He interacts smoothly with my staff and clients. I consider him to be part of my firm.


"John has always been available for weekend and emergency assignments and he has completed our rush assignments in a timely manner. His work is prompt, efficient and precise as I would expect from one employed in the business for over 38 years. I find his judgment, insight and professionalism to be high and I would recommend him to those needing a quality investigator for their firm."

Mitchell H. Dugan, Esquire

Dugan and Associates, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA


" I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Gusdonevich and Associates Investigative Services.


"Our law firm has relied on Mr. Gusdonevich's services for many years and continues to call on John when we have investigative and process serving needs.


"I have found John to be extremely reliable. He provides his services in a prompt and effective manner. Each and every time I have contacted John for assistance, he has never let me down.


"Simply stated, I cannot recommend Gusdonevich and Associates Investigative Services highly enough."

Colleen Ramage Johnston, Esquire

Johnston and Lykos

Pittsburgh, PA


"My firm has been using the services of John Gusdonevich for more than 20 years. John has always been prompt, available and efficient in carrying out investigative assignments. He has undertaken unpleasant and even dangerous jobs with a completely professional attitude, and he has never let us down. I have recommended John's services to other attorneys many times, and I will continue to do so."

Peter N. Georgiades, Esquire

Greystone Legal Associates, P.C.

Pittsburgh, PA


"I am delighted to commend your services to any person requiring an experienced, diligent, creative and highly reliable private investigator. Our professional relationship spans nearly 20 years. I have called on you many times to help me with my cases. You have never let me down, and I look forward to another productive 20 years working with you."

Charles A. Lamberton, Esquire

Lamberton Law Firm

Pittsburgh, PA


"This law firm has used John E. Gusdonevich, Jr. and Gusdonevich and Associates Investigative Services for several years. We have been consistently pleased with the investigative services that they have performed. They are responsive to our requests and immediately act upon cases when we retain them. They are careful to make certain that they understand the scope of the investigation. They also complete the investigation in a careful and confidential manner. I recommend their services".

Frederick N. Frank, Esquire

Frank, Gale, Bails, Murcko and Pocrass, PC

Pittsburgh, PA


"I take great pride in being extended the opportunity to recommend the services of John Gusdonevich. I have known John for almost twenty years, and I am impressed with him both professionally and personally.


"His investigative work is professional and timely, and, whether it is a service of papers, location of missing heirs, or their current addresses, I know I can consistently count on his services and professionalism.


"I heartily recommend John for any investigative work may be required."

Dale P. Frayer, Esquire

Frayer Law Offices

Pittsburgh, PA