For Family Law Attorneys

Service of process

We go out of our way to carefully provide discrete and dignified service of process for these emotionally charged matters. However when a party does attempt to avoid service, we have the experience to handle the situation.


Surveillance services for child custody and or the client's piece of mind

Our primary surveillance investigator has over 39 years of  experience in this difficult line of work. This is an art, not a science and our operatives have the skill and judgment to handle the job. Our top three experienced associates have over 100 years of combined surveillance experience. Another of our trusted associates is a retired narcotics detective with extensive undercover DEA experience. We use only top flight operatives and not second semester community college criminology majors hired at minimum wage. (Don't laugh, I speak from experience and rest assured, it was not my agency). 


The First Rule of this work - and one that is frequently lost in the heat of battle is - Don't Get Caught! Once the surveillance target becomes suspicious, his / her behavior changes instantly and the task at hand cannot be accomplished until he / she relaxes again and that could take six months or more. As simple as it sounds, we endeavor to be aware of the First Rule at each and every decision making point in our surveillance activity.   


Marital Assets

Our special investigative databases and nationwide sources of financial information allow us to locate real property, vehicles and financial accounts. Our bank account, brokerage house and securities searches are always fully compliant with the provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB), aka the Financial Services Act of 1999 and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Our financial searches can be conducted locally, nationwide or as needed, off shore and internationally.


Background Investigations

Occasionally, a client wants to know what may be going on with an unfaithful spouse or perhaps more to the point - with whom that activity may be taking place. Under these circumstances, we can conduct a discrete background investigation and or surveillance on those persons of interest affiliated with the spouse and obtain the information you need.


Communications Security

We offer household and office inspections for hidden microphones and cameras, and will provide you with a variety of practical suggestions for improving your cell phone security. We also check vehicles for hidden GPS tracking devices. We will arrange for a full examination of home and or office computers and lap tops for spyware programs should you have a concern for your electronic privacy. If necessary, we will deliver your computer to our lab for testing.


A note on personal ethics and simple common sense

Lastly - we do not adhere to the motto of "The ends justify the means" in our work as it it usually the attorney and or the litigant who is left holding the bag when things go south. As a former law firm investigative supervisor of over a dozen independent private investigators, I speak from long and painful experience. I have dealt with the harm caused by another investigator's foolish behavior and I understand all too well the consequences for counsel when this occurs. It is our function to help you - no damage your case and your hard earned reputation. We don't play games with your livelihood (or ours).