For Personal Injury Attorneys

Types of investigations

We have over 37 years of investigative experience in vehicular / pedestrian accidents, slip, trip & fall, dram shop, highway defect, product liability, defective vehicular restraint systems, dog bite, construction site, electrical, railroad crossings, fire (not cause and origin), sexual assaults, work place violence, locating assets for execution of judgments, surveillance services and on one interesting occasion, slander. 


Securing the Power of Attorney / Fee Agreement on new cases

I have over 30 years of experience acting as the representative of law firms for initial hospital and or home consults with prospective clients to obtain the Power of Attorney, in addition to making an assessment of the liability situation and the appropriate insurance coverages. I have performed this service well over 3,000 times to the complete satisfaction of my attorney clients.



We can secure hand written or tape recorded statements (the latter by telephone or in person) contingent upon your budget.


Photo / video services

A full compliment of 35 mm and digital camera equipment is on hand for any type of assignment be it covert or overt. If we don't have it in stock, our technical associate will find it PDQ.


Public records retrieval

Public records can be retrieved on a nationwide basis. We can also efficiently engage the services of appropriate information sources for matters anywhere in the world.


Service of process in the tri-state area of PA, OH and WV

We will be pleased to handle your local service of process matters, however we invoice for these services at an hourly rate. We do not handle flat fee service of process assignments. Our fee structure is due to the extra time and effort required when we encounter a person who is passively or actively avoiding service.


Service of process outside the tri-state area

Our extensive and time tested relationships allow us to utilize professional process servers and investigators anywhere in the USA or the world. We will handle these assignments for you or should you prefer, provide you with a direct referral.


Investigative database and asset research services

Our databases are utilized to efficiently locate defendants, witnesses and assets. These sources are available only to licensed private investigators who have passed a rigid background investigation. We can locate real property anywhere in the country. Our bank account, brokerage house and securities searches can be conducted locally, nationwide, off shore and internationally. Please note our financial account searches are always fully compliant with the provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB) aka the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


Motor vehicle research 

DMV records can be obtained from various states with the understanding that each state differs on the type of data available. Unfortunately, PA is one of the more restrictive states in the country. We can work within their tight guidelines to secure the data you need with or without a subpoena. Our searches are always compliant with the provisions of the Federal Drivers Information Privacy Act (DPPA).


A note on personal ethics and simple common sense 

Lastly - we do not adhere to the motto of "The ends justify the means" in our work as it is usually the attorney and or the litigant who is left holding bag when things go south. As a former law firm investigative supervisor of over a dozen independent private investigators, I speak from long and painful experience. I have dealt with the harm caused by another investigator's foolish behavior and I understand all too well the consequences for counsel when this occurs. It is our function to help you - not damage your case and your hard earned reputation. We don't play games with your livelihood (or ours).