For the General Public

Finding lost relatives, old friends or classmates, etc

Locating people is a routine service of ours and we have over 30 years of experience doing so however, it is normally a service we provide to attorneys, businesses and occasionally to government agencies.


We will be pleased to handle your request however; we have strict guidelines for accepting these assignments from private citizens for personal reasons. With that said, should your request relate to the execution of a Judgment, a Domestic Court case or other verifiable litigation then we will assist without the required letter as discussed below.


The reason behind our caution is the murder of a 21 year old Hollywood actress named Rebecca Scheaffer in 1989. A "fan" hired a private investigator to locate her. The investigator apparently asked few questions and for a nominal fee checked California motor vehicle data to locate Ms. Scheaffer. The information was passed onto his client who proceeded to her home and shot her to death at her front door.  Due to this tragedy, most professional investigators will not blindly engage in this type of assignment without knowing more about you and your reasons for finding the person of interest.


For us to consider your desire to locate a person of interest for strictly personal reasons, we will need your request in writing with your verifiable full identity and physical address offering the precise reason or reasons why you want to find this person. We will then consult with you and inform you of the retainer required to handle the case.


Our terms for accepting the assignment are that once the person of interest is found, we will contact him or her and seek their permission to release their contact information to you. Should the party not want to hear from you, then we will not release the information to you.


Background investigations

We conduct searches of nationwide public record sources, social network sites, news sources, law enforcement contacts and our extensive investigative databases on those subjects who may be your next employee, neighbor, significant other, home remodeler, housekeeper, nanny or babysitter.


You of course will find various "free" and low fee websites that claim to do this for you instantly via one click of the mouse for only $9.95 plus free shipping and handling however you will painfully discover that their data is often inaccurate or misleading and quite stale. Database information is only as good as the sound comprehension and interpretation of it by an experienced eye and you don't get that for $9.95.


If you are indeed contemplating handing a contractor $15,000 to start your home remodeling project, is it not worth paying us a modest fee to determine in advance if he is the greatest home contractor on the planet or a thief?  From our considerable experience in dealing with the aftermath of irresponsible home contractors a reference from a trusted neighbor (or three) is not always the best bet. Nor is finding a contractor on Angie's List or the BBB a safe bet.  


It is not better to hire us now vs. later when your house is a partially renovated disaster and the contractor has run for the hills in his new BMW with your cash in his pocket? If you consider this to be prudent advice concerning a contractor, then how do you feel about a potential housekeeper or baby sitter?


Surveillance services

Our primary surveillance expert has over 39 years of experience in this difficult line of work. This is an art, not a science and our operatives have the skill and judgment to handle the job. Our top three experienced associates have over 100 years of combined surveillance experience. Another of our trusted associates is a retired narcotics detective with extensive undercover Drug Enforcement Agency experience. We use only top flight operatives and not second semester community college criminology majors hired at minumum wage. (Don't laugh, I speak from experienced and rest assured it was not my agency).


GPS tracking devices (installation)

If you want us to install a hidden GPS tracking device on a vehicle, we will need to examine the original title to the vehicle to verify your exclusive ownership of it. If you are only part owner of the vehicle, then we cannot assist you. The Courts have to yet "catch up" with this technology and the privacy concerns it raises. Our opinion is that the Courts will continue to lean towards considering the installation and use of a hidden GPS device on a vehicle not fully owned by the client to be an invasion of privacy. A Colorado PI was arrested recently while attempting to install a GPS device on a vehicle that was not owned by his client.


All is not lost if you are in the above situation. Please call us to discuss your concerns as we may be able to offer you other options for a traditional on the street surveillance or other avenues of inquiry that may resolve your concerns.


GPS tracking devices (detection)

We can locate hidden GPS devices attached to your vehicle. Should you believe the device was installed by a law enforcement agency, kindly call someone else.


Is someone listening to my cell phone conversations?

There are a number of frightening spyware programs for cell phones that can be easily purchased online. If you have failed to maintain strict physical custody and control of your phone in the past, then someone may have been able to borrow your phone for a sufficient length of time to install this nasty software on it. Some really bad programs convert your phone into an open microphone, allowing the installer to listen into your conversations, even those conversations not taking place on the phone itself and or listening in while the phone is turned off. Even the more respectable sites like allow one to retrieve voice, email and text messaging logs in addition to having the cell phone function as a GPS tracking device.


My best recommendation (and also the cheapest one) is this - if you suspect your cell phone / smart phone has been bugged, buy a Tracfone ( and pay with cash, not a credit card. Use the Tracfone for all calls of an important or confidential nature. Make those Tracfone calls at a distance from your suspect cell phone, while continuing to use the suspect phone for ordinary, trivial matters. Don't stop using the suspect phone as to do so would force the unethical party to then try some other illegal and unknown method to spy on your private affairs.


Feel free to call us for some other tips on cell phone security but do not do so on the suspect cell phone. Avoid text, email messaging and Internet searches on any smart phone that you believe may have been infected with spyware. For more information on what is out there, simply Google the term "spyware for cell phones".


Should you need a forensic examination of your cell phone for possible spyware, call us and we will take care of it.


Computer security - "They" seem to know everything I do!

There are many spyware programs readily available that can be utilized by those with an unethical interest in your personal affairs. We will have our forensic specialist examine your computer for these hidden programs so you can have complete peace of mind that your online activity and personal communications are indeed secure and private.


I think my home is bugged!

We conduct electronic and physical examinations of homes and offices for hidden microphones and cameras while educating you as to how these devices may have been surreptitiously inserted into your environment in first place and hopefully how to make sure it does not happen again.


Please call us for a quote as you will find our fees for this service to be very reasonable when compared to other agencies.